Sales and Marketing

Our company has widespread presence across different agro climatic zones in India. The Sales and distribution network covers 14 prominent agrarian states in India with a dedicated team of more 30 Agribusiness professionals.At Kurnool Seeds Pvt Ltd., our pledge to our customers goes far beyond providing exceptional seeds. We believe in building enduring partnerships with farmers by providing wide range of sales and marketing services.

Our team is dedicated to assist you in making the right seed choices based upon your needs and resource availability. With an enormous knowledge about our varieties and dedicated ground level experience make them guide you towards appropriate selections for your region and crop requirements.

In today’s fast-challenging world, our digital presence is enormous, making it easier than ever for you to connect with us. Our online platforms provide valuable insights, access to our product catalog, and the ability to engage with our team anytime, anywhere.

Our system doesn’t end with sales, instead we thrive in providing day to day assistance and advice throughout the growing season. Is it planting techniques, pest & disease management or maximizing your crop performance year after year, our qualified specialists are just a call away.