Quality Check

Seed is the most vital input that sets the potential for the crop yield and so achieving the best seed quality standards is our prime goal.

Quality check and assurance lie at the heart of everything we do at Kurnool Seeds Pvt. Ltd. The quality specifications/norms for the field and seed stages prescribed in the Indian Minimum Seed Certification standards published by the Govt. of India are kept as the minimum base. From the moment a seed is selected for production until it reaches farmer’s hands, rigorous quality control measures are in place to ensure its excellence.

Our dedicated team of quality control assurance officers employs cutting edge technology to inspect every seed batch for seed germination, purity, moisture, vigour strictly adhering to International Seed Testing Authority (ISTA) rules and regulations. Field Emergence Test (FET) is complimentary which is made mandatory for further assurance of germination. The company also elaborate Grow Out Testing facilities in different locations/ agro-climates, samples are grown out for Genetic Purity confirmation as pre or post control as may be relevant for the seed in question.

Our quality assurance process extends beyond the laboratory and into our production facilities. We maintain strict hygiene standards to prevent contamination, and our packaging is designed to preserve seed freshness and vitality. Every seed packet that holds our name symbolizes our promise to your success as a farmer.

At Kurnool Seeds Pvt. Ltd. our quality assurance program is a testament to our dedication to farmers’ agricultural endeavors. When you choose our seeds, you’re choosing trustworthiness, stability and the promise of a profuse harvest. We take pride in being your trusted associates in agriculture, and we look forward to contributing to your success.