Farmer Testimonials

I have been using the KSMH-9055 hybrid seeds for the past five years, and I must say, it has transformed my farming experience. The yield has been consistently impressive, averaging between 22 to 25 quintals per biga. Excellent cob length, with grains filled right to the tip and narrow chaff. The grains have a vibrant orange colour and boast heavy weight, while maintaining lower moisture levels. Due to medium height, remarkably resistant to lodging, with cob placement favoring the lower side, this makes harvesting easier and more efficient. Noticed minimal pest and disease incidence, which has significantly reduced my overall cultivation costs, making it a truly farmer-friendly option.
Agrisis - Sri Chakra hybrid paddy has proven to be a game-changer for me, offering exceptional yield potential and quality characteristics. I wholeheartedly recommend this variety to fellow farmers seeking to maximize their yields and achieve success in paddy cultivation. One of the most remarkable features is its impressive panicle length, measuring over 12 inches. Additionally, the density of grains per panicle ranges from 350 to 400, with each grain exhibiting substantial weight. This combination results in a heavy grain yield, contributing significantly to the overall productivity of my fields.
I have been cultivating Agrisis-Jayaho cotton for the past three years, and I must say, it has truly transformed my farming experience. The most significant advantages is the reduced incidence of pests and diseases compared to other varieties I've tried in the past. The boll size of Jayaho cotton is remarkable, with five lobes and a uniform arrangement of bolls from the top to the bottom of the plant. This uniformity not only makes harvesting easier but also contributes to a more consistent quality of yield. In fact, in just one acre of land, I've been able to achieve a yield of 12 quintals, which speaks volumes about the productivity and potential of Jayaho cotton.
My recent experience with Variety 9055 has been exceptionally positive. The cob growth has been remarkable, with each cob exhibiting healthy growth, grains were filled till the tip, indicating excellent yield potential. A significant decrease in pest and disease incidence compared to other varieties I've cultivated in the past. This not only saved me valuable resources but also ensured a healthier crop overall.
After witnessing the impressive results of the KSMH-9055 variety in a fellow farmer's field last year, I made the decision to cultivate it in my own field. I am pleased that yield has exceeded my expectations. It is extremely farmer-friendly, requiring low maintenance while delivering consistently high yields. I highly recommend the variety to anyone seeking reliable and productive seeds.
Motu being a short duration has been incredibly beneficial, allowing for quicker turnover and more efficient land utilization. Significant increase in yield compared to other varieties I have cultivated in the past. It comes with excellent cooking quality non-sticky and cooks quickly, saving time. Planning to expand the cultivation on a larger scale and I encourage fellow farmers to join me in adopting this variety for their fields.