Our R&D Activities and Research Centers are recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Government of India.

" Quality Check & Assurance "

Seed is the vital input that sets the potential for crop yield and so achieving the best seed quality standards is our prime goal.For this purpose,the quality specifications/norms for field and seed sytages prescribed in the Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards published by the Govt.of India are kept as the minimum base;and additional specification are indicated and adhered to.

Our tearms of field quality assurance officers play an important role in crop inspection and sampling to understand the dynamics of parental characters used in the seed production and to create added awareness amongst famers to achieve quality seeds production.

A team of experienced seed technologists conduct all quality tests viz., seed germination, purity, moisture, vigour strictly adhering to International Seed Testing Authority(ISTA) rules and regulations.Field Emergence Test(FET) is complimentay which is made mandatory for further assurance of germination.The Company also maintains elaborate grow Out Testing Facilities in different locations/agro climates,samples are gown out for Genetic Purity conformation as pre or post controlas may be relevant for the seed in question.

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