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" Production "

Production of genetically pure and good quality pedigree seed is an exacting task.It requires high technical skills and comparatively heavy financial investment,during seed production,strict attention is given to the maintenence of generic purity and other qualities of seeds in order to pass on maximum benefits to farmers by introduction of new superior crop plant varieties.

We constantly strive to build and improve relationships with the production farmers to ensure loyalty and commitment.Our efforts of connecting with on a personal level,understanding their constraints and providing them necessary training in seed technology and crop agronomy has ensured us to presently have a network of loyal farmers partnering in our production programme.Our seeds growers will vouch for our seeds as they have grown them year after year and have come to understand the nuances and the qualities of these seeds.

F1/Certified seed production is the heart of any seed production programme.To assure superior quality standards,we takes up the hybrid/certified seed production with in the holds at its own production locations.This production system involved the participation of a team of experienced crop specialists,field managers and trained technical supervisors as well as the application of crop specific seed production techniques and rigorous inspections with dedication.Seed extraction at all the locations is supervised with utmost care by the team.

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