Our R&D Activities and Research Centers are recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) Government of India.

" Processing & Conditioning "

Seeds received from the production fields are often at high moisture content and contain trash and their inert material,weed seeds,deteriorated and damages seeds,off-size seeds,etc.we undertake seed processing in truly scientific manner.Different processing modules are adapted for different crops and seasons,meeting stringent quality norms.These steps include specific combination and sequence of pre-conditioning,drying,pre-cleaning,grading,sizing,weihght separation ,colour-sorting,treatment,coating,palleting and packing.

Our plants are equipped with wide range of contemparary processing machinery and equipment suited for seed separation based on different criteria like size,shape,weight,colour and texture.Te plants equipped with latest machinery of different typres like seed cleaner & graders,gravity seperators,seed treators ,automatic weighing and packing machines.

The company has a trained technical team ofengineering and agri professionals who supervise the whole process meticulously.The company has developed relevant research based which are used right from seed cleaning to packing to assure uniform sized seed with best standards.

The seed testinh & biotechnology labs play a significant role in maintaining heighest standards in quality of the processed seed.

Our seed processing activities are governed by strict quality norms monitored by independent quality management team to ensure consistence quality output.

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